CITIC Passbook Printer

CITIC was established in 1981 to be the branch company of Shenzhen China National Aero-Techonology Import and Export Corporation (Shenzhen CATIC Group) with initial registered capital of RMB 20 Million. CITIC now has subsidiary companies, joint-venture companies, offices, and service depots set up in 40+ key cities in China.


By making use of the competitive advantages of National Aero-Technology, in which it converges the most advanced technologies and knowledge khow-how in the nation, CITIC started its business of manufacturing, marketing and selling computer-related hardware in the domestic markets. The company, by then, developed more added values on top of its fundamental competence.


CITIC also positioned itself in the advanced techonological sector since it was founded, and is the first company specializing in the specialized printer industry in China.


With our outstanding ability for localization, over the past 10 years, CITIC has been jointly cooperating with those world-wide brands for the domestic printer markets. For instance,


- With EPSON for localized DFX-8000K high-speed printer - With MINOLTA Japan for manufacturing high speed laser printer - With TALLY Germany for high speed laser line printer - With PRINTRONIX US for line printer - With OLIVETTI Italy for localized passbook printer


In 2004, the new product, PB2 has been listed as "National Key Popuarizing Model Project for Techonological Achievements" by National Ministry of Science and Technology.



- Durable Print Head : 400M strokes / wire - MTBF : 10000 hours - Interface : Serial, Parallel, USB, 2nd Serial - High Speed : 530 cps @ ASCII - Power Comsumption : 7.3 W (standby mode) - On line upgrade - Firmware & Characters set - Dual interface with interface auto-switching - Multiple port design for printer sharing feature - Multi-emulation embeded - Multi-national characters for choice - Auto compression mode in 132 column emulation - Outstanding compatibility